Why I Moved To Etsy

Shop Visualllee has moved to Etsy

Yes, I made that move to Etsy. But why?

Well it all has to do with the latest WooCommerce & WordPress Update which caused quite a riot for those who use the plugin for their e-commerce. In the latest update which you can read here, fixed a critical vulnerability within the plugin and WooCommerce Blocks. Even though the update was automatically installed to the website, I still choose to move the shop to protect my customers.

The vulnerability was not fully stated with that article but protecting the public is my main concern. I do not want anyone information up for grabs (and luckily, no reports of misuse or exploits were detected within Visualllee.com) so I made the move to smooth things out.


If you want to switch platforms that is totally up to you. I never had an issue before this update and the team did react swiftly to the vulnerability. The shop move was a personal choice.


The main site is NOT going anywhere!

All handmade & apparel items with be available via Etsy while all original canvas art can be viewed and purchased in the GALLERY. In the gallery, you will be taken on a grant tour of my online gallery and bid on the painting you want to purchase. Visit the gallery to view current works looking for a beautiful home.

Visualllee.com will focus more on content centering around creatives, art & entertainment, small business and living a healthier lifestyle.

Visualllee on YouTube will be more on the TV & entertainment and hot topics.

What's Your Thoughts?

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