What Pages & Posts You Should Feature On Your Art Blog

Fresh content is what keeps the people going but if you reading this, you may be little lost on what to write on your art blog. Let’s be honest, there’s just not enough resources to state what you should include on such a niche. Well not alot when I went searching for it. If you take a moment to really plan out your content,

This applies if you are a painter, illustrator, or designer. Creating content to draw in people with your words along with your work doesn’t sound like a hard task until you try it. Instead of dwelling on the melodramatics, let’s tackle this dilemma and get straight to the bullet points.

Shall we?


  • About You page
    Who are you and how long have you been creating? Did you go to college/university?
  • Contact page
    Open up conversation between you and the public
  • Legal pages ( Privacy Policy, Terms of Use/Terms & Conditions/CCPA)
    Very important to have these pages on your site & please include that annoying ass “cookie” bar
  • Portfolio gallery
    Show off your best work


  • Your events like pop ups & artshows
  • Highlight your fav piece/series/collection
  • Highlight other creators
  • Opinions on art trends, recent news
  • Product reviews, theme feedback for web & graphic designers
  • Other aspects of your life that influence your creative process
    An example would be “How Hiking Can Help Beat Your Artist Block”


  • Courses
  • Shop / Bookings
    Sell your tangible goods or offers services to the public.
  • Downloads like free coloring pages and wallpaper
  • A mailing list sign up for

So, is the content ideas flowing? This is just a start and I do plan on expanding this into something. I already have ideas popping up in my head, lol.

Follow my Pinterest board on how to be a better art blogger & look out for more on becoming a better art blogger! I’m always searching for resources so be sure to follow me on Pinterest for pins on this and other topics.

What's Your Thoughts?

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