One Year Down & Much More To Come

Wow, I made it!

While the brand is technically one and a half years old – the domain VISUALLLEE.COM has been my headquarters for almost a year in Feb. I went from blogging on Tumblr, to selling my art on my official online shop. But to be honest, a brand isn’t a brand if it doesn’t have personality – an aura around it. So as I embark on a new year, it’s time to expand my brand and add some spark to it.

With all that’s going on, I wanna add some simplicity to your life. This year I will be launching some CRAZY features to this site. Not everybody wants to purchase from my shop so …


As a regular subscriber, you can sign up to the mailing list and get updates on new inventory and updates. But as an Elite Subscriber, expect more from behind the scenes (called ‘Detailed Instructions’), downloads and be nosey and read ‘The Journey Of An Artist’ which is pretty much self-explanatory. With all that you can get in on the savings and opportunities you will get 25% off the entire site, access to exclusive merch and automatically become an affiliate of Visualllee – all valid until your membership ends.

So unfortunately, there will be no more holiday flash sales.

Tip The Creator

That didn’t reel you in?

If you would still like to support you can leave a tip via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or Bitcoin. All monetary support will help keep this website & brand running.

Challenges & Art Prompts

That artist block is a bitch…

No motivation, no desire. I get it. Well a new feature will be added to take away some so that frustration away. I have been working on a generator to free your mind and just experiment alittle. Whether your an artist, writer, resin artist. This art prompt will be everything you need to breathe alittle.


So are you ready for the next phase of Visualllee? Please drop a comment and share this blog to help my dreams come to life!

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