Commission Request

Thank you for visiting to my website! The fact that you are here means that you are interested in working with me to create something for you or your brand!

Please note, before filling out the form browse around the site to get a feel of my art style & the different mediums I’ve explored.


are commissions opened?

Yes they are!

What services do YOU offer for commissions?

Acrylic Canvas Paintings
Canvas size 11×14 inches and up only.

Hand-painted Items
This includes but not limited to rolling tray sets, earrings, clothing and furniture.

Illustrations can be use for cover art or to customize items like blankets, throws, graphic tees, wall art, hoodies, blankets and more. Bulk options for customized items available.

How do commissions REQUESTS work?

1. Review my portfolio. I will not accept any projects outside my scope/style of work.

2. Read over this FAQ section.

3. Complete the request form below.

4. A response will sent within 24-48 hr stating if the project can be completed or not.


5. Book a consultation. Consultations are $40 USD and usually only last up to a hour via text or phone.

What is your price range?

All projects start at $150 USD. Depending on the project, your quoted price will reflect labor & materials needed to complete your project.

Is there a deposit due before you start work?

Yes. You will be required to pay 55% of the quoted price which is non-refundable under any circumstances.

what should i expect IF MY PROJECT IS SELECTED?

– A follow-up consultation to discuss details of your project. This includes getting information on colors, inspirational images and any other information that will help complete the project to your liking.

– You will be sent a contract agreement to sign with the quoted amount. If at this time you do not wish to continue, your consultation fee will be refunded.

– Varies sketches of your painting/illustration will be sent for approved by client. No changes can be made after the base sketch and its edits are approved. If at this time you do not wish to continue, your consultation fee can not be refunded. If you choose to continue with the base sketch the first deposit is requested for work to start.

– You will be given access to updates on your projects via the Client’s Portal. You will be able to give feedback on each update but must respond in a timely manner.

what can hinder my project and forfeit my first deposit?

1. If the you do not respond to an update, the project will move on to the next step without your feedback. If the you have neglected to respond twice in a row, the project will be dropped and you can not retain the first deposit.

2. Any form of harassment.


I work closely with my clients to guarantee to make sure they are satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the finished project, some minor adjustments can be made to accommodate you.

Unfortunately, no major changes can be made. You are not required to paid the final deposit but understand you will not be able to obtain ownership of the project.

What happens after final payment?

Paintings & Hand-Painted Items
Items will be shipped and you will be given the tracking number. Canvas paintings will include a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA).

Depending on the project you will either:
(a) Receive your illustration digitally. COA included.
(b) Receive your personalize item(s) after a quality check.

Let’s Get Started!