Current Paintings In The Works

I have been wondering what to post on Patreon and my blog but I just decided to post what I do, lol. Sometimes over thinking things can hinder your growth as a creator. Just post what you do … With that being said, here are a couple paintings I’m currently working on. This painting has been in the works for […]

Download This Sales Map For Your Business

Hey patreons! Have you seen sales map and wondered “how can I show off my sales?”. Well I created a color in for #SmallBusinesses to customize, download and color. Must pledge TIER 3 · Build Your Art Brand to unlock this Canva template. All you need is Canva & a photo editing program. Visit click ‘Patreon Exclusive’ on […]

New To Patreon!

Hello! I’m Aleana and I have FINALLY made a Patreon! If you follow me on Twitter then you know I was trying to make this happen on but its ALOT to do and manage. Now that I have Patreon, you will all be able to enjoy behind the scenes content & extra goodies. You soon will be able to […]


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