The Inspiration & Interesting Tea Behind THE RIDDLE

View the process and the art session that led to the completion of my acrylic painting titled The Riddle.

The Hatter’s riddle “why a raven is like a writing desk?” had no answer when Alice In Wonderland was first written. Thru time and the people wanting an answer to this ridiculous riddle, a couple of solutions were made up for the pleasure of others. I accepted that there is was no answer to this riddle, but I’ll sip my tea while you ponder.

My answer to The Hatter’s Riddle

My portfolio has been updated with a whole lot of info on the materials I used, the inspiration and muse of my original acrylic painting, THE RIDDLE.


I made some changes to a playlist series on my channel. ART SESSION was first created to listen to some good music while creating. Honestly, I watch a boatload of YouTube videos which led me to the idea of creating a playlist of informative videos, art tutorials, and other cool videos that I end up watching while creating a particular piece.

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