Can This App Save Your Artwork From Being Stolen?

Nobody wants their artwork stolen, NOBODY. But can this watermark app save your art from being stolen??

The labor that an artist puts into their work is easily damaged when thefts claims it as there own and stamps their name of someone artwork. That’s just trashy ass behavior in my eyes. My artwork has only been stolen once before and I didn’t like that shit one bit.

I don’t have that many eyes looking at my work right now. Still, before I post any artwork I use the Add Watermark app to stamp my name on my work. I worked too hard for someone to say “CLAIM” on my shit, YOU HEAR ME! Had to erased and redo or paint over and redo. I don’t have time for that.

Now it may not stop all from stealing but it will discourage ALOT of people if you watermark your work a certain way.

Here’s how…

Before proceeding, please know that the app is only available for android devices.


1. Download the Add Watermark app from the Play Store.

2. Once installed, open the app and make your own watermark. You can edit an existing template or create one by adding your logo or signature to create your own. Save it.

3. Go back to the home page and add watermark to an image or video. You can watermark more than one image at a time (limit 5) or upgrade to premium to watermark a long video. Edit the watermark placement & appearance. I use TILE and set the transparency between 15-20%. Enough to see the art and watermark. Save it.

4. Then share it.

Hopefully, this will be some help to you if you’re looking for a solution!

Telll me, how do you protect your work? Have you used this app before? Leave a comment below.

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