5 Things I Discovered That Can Hold You Back As A Successful Creator

Over the years of being a creator, I realized there were a few things that were holding me back. Well, more than some and the thing is that you have to get through these images of self-doubt to be comfort with sharing your voice.

This is a list that I kept for two years. Pinned on my board as a daily reminder of obstacles that overcome and continue to. I always come back to it realize my growth. This post is about growth and evolving.

Minus the typos that were made, everything else will be explained. No matter what your title this list will resonate, so let’s get to it…

General Self-Doubt
Self-doubt creeps up on me when I don’t have good faith or believe in whatever I’m doing. A petty but naggy trait that hinders me at times. The painting is no where near done, but I’m doubting my next move.

Whenever you hear someone saying they’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome, self-doubt is the main cause. From a quick search on Google, it will tell you that ..

Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of accolades.

Despite what this article states this can also affect those with a small following in the art community. Example, you post a progress shot you know, building the hype. And then someone will criticizes the progress, your creative process. Rude af btw, but does a progress shot HAVE to be perfect??

You’re seeing the sketch, that layer where I was testing out brushes, eraser marks ALLTHAT!

It sucks but you seriously have to understand nobody can better at being you than YOU. People will shoot you down but you have to get through it to share your voice (more about that below).

Rushing The Process / Lack Of Training
DON’T RUSH THE PROCESS! I’m so serious, don’t you dare. Seeing many artists released new art EVERYDAY can put you in the mindstate that you have to do the same. It doesn’t. Take the time to do drawing studies, finding your style, and practice. I spent one semester in college majoring in Art and the one thing I left with is knowing that having form is hella important. As basic as it is, it will make or break a painting.

Be patient with yourself and learn yourself. You may discover something about yourself that is SO different from others. Myself, I love drawing hands, not in detail so much yet almost everyone will say they hate drawing hands in ANY way. I love hands. They give massages, they hold on to things & people, I hold my brush and typed this blog with the fingers from my hand. I love hands!

Not Engaging/Toxic Engagement
There is one thing that many lack no matter the following is the lack of communicating. You may have many eyes on your work but only a few compliment or share their feedback with you. Those few can turn into hundreds in time but it all starts with having a conversation. Even those who have a large following may lack in this area too but differently. There are ALOT of artists with a big following because they will only engage with ‘the chosen few’. The lack of communication between you and your following shouldn’t be a task UNLESS that the aim. But everyone can’t sell their art without an identity attached like Banksy.

Some people even mustard up enough courage to criticize you. Social media has made everyone think that they know everything because they obtain a degree of some sort. I mean that’s nice and all but when did that give ANYONE the right to criticizes anything? I really think some believe that a piece of paper gives them the right to act like the assholes their professors once were, but I digress.

Rejection & Denial/Open Critism
Actually no, let’s talk about that more. Nobody likes to hear that their work looks like shit. NOBODY. When you share your work you will get comments whether you wanna hear it or not. It comes with the job. What is totally disrespectful is the harsh criticism. Nothing constructive, nothing where you can build upon in a healthy way – just a plain YOU SUCK.

I don’t like EVERYONE’S work, nor do you. Also, I am not in the position to take validation away from you by saying your work is not to my liking unless it’s without true intentions. If this doesn’t apply, keep doing you. Some may not see the beauty in your work but SOMEONE out there does.

Environmental Factors/Your “Circle”
Okay, this is a big one, and surprised that I didn’t write it on my list over the years. It’s even crazier because I have put my art career on hiatus because things were out of my control.

Not everyone is supportive, even the ones who WE think should be. You can be excited that you got a sale and get met with an “Okay” or “That’s iight”…

Some may even go for the jugular and say you’ll never make it as an artist. All total bullshit. I’m telling you don’t listen to them. Yet in some cases, it can be hard for someone not to listen because they hear it so often. Those who you hold so much love for end up beating up your self-worth. You start to believe it and that plague of self-doubt sets in. If you are in this kind of situation with family members, your spouse please seek help because you may be experiencing emotional and/or verbal abuse. This is a toxic environment that can hinder you and cause great effects on your mental health.

Then there’s the part where you have to take care of yourself. Pay bills. Put foo in the fridge. Oh, also the art supplies, web hosting fees, shipping cost, etc I mean I can go on, but I think you understand where I’m coming from.

So that my list. If you have gone or are going thru some of these issues I want you to make a list & keep it close to you. This way you can pinpoint the issue and find a way to control what you can out of it. Knowing your obstacles is the first step to overcoming them.

I wish you the best,


  1. I think the part of family or your circle can make a huge impact on you in any way. Definitely GO FOR IT! there’s always room to improve in whatever you start with

    1. YES BOO! Sometimes the ones I thought was for me never truly was. Its the bounce back afterwards that often drains me but I’m learning I can only control my reactions & no one elses actions.

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