A GOOD READ: Black writers write more than Black stuff

This article was hand-picked from a curated list that is created daily on the topic of VISUAL ARTS. Read the full article here >> loyolamaroon.com Photo credit: Mikayla Ferro The “Black Is Art” event that happened in February was absolutely fantastic. It was a great platform for Black artists to come together and express their talents. As a creative writer, […]

Can This App Save Your Artwork From Being Stolen?

Nobody wants their artwork stolen, NOBODY. But can this watermark app save your art from being stolen?? The labor that an artist puts into their work is easily damaged when thefts claims it as there own and stamps their name of someone artwork. That’s just trashy ass behavior in my eyes. My artwork has only been stolen once before and […]

Download This Sales Map For Your Business

Hey patreons! Have you seen sales map and wondered “how can I show off my sales?”. Well I created a color in for #SmallBusinesses to customize, download and color. Must pledge TIER 3 · Build Your Art Brand to unlock this Canva template. https://twitter.com/visualllee/status/1373077423701569537?s=09 All you need is Canva & a photo editing program. Visit visualllee.com click ‘Patreon Exclusive’ on […]


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